About Woodlands Online


Woodlands Online is the premier community portal for The Woodlands and the surrounding areas of Shenandoah, Oak Ridge and South Montgomery County, Texas. Woodlands Online is also one of the most visited sites in the greater-Houston area, having a reach well beyond the borders of our community and page views that top those of Houston Community Newspaper's.

Woodlands Online launched in 1996 as the first comprehensive online business and organization directory of The Woodlands area.

Today, Woodlands Online is an expansive, vibrant Web portal providing a wealth of online information, marketing and e-commerce opportunities to its general audience, registered members, and advertisers.

Woodlands Online has grown to thousands of pages of content with almost 6 million page views a month. As the most active site utilized by those living and working in the area along with those visiting or relocating, Woodlands Online provides the ideal venue for effective marketing and e-business opportunities.

Woodlands Online leverages the low cost economics of the Internet to successfully present your messages, products and services to the community in real-time, every day, 24 hours a day. 

Woodlands Online, LLC is a privately held Texas Limited Liability Company. Most of its shareholders and employees live and work in The Woodlands area. The site is managed and operated by Digital Texas

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