Last Minute Valentine's Gift Ideas

By WOL Super Shopper
| Published 02/11/2008

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THE WOODLANDS, TX --  Time is quickly running out to find that perfect gift that will melt your Valentine's heart. Here are a few simple gift suggestions and tips that will keep you out of the dog house on Thursday, February 14.

Gifts for Gals

- Spa/Beauty Package
What girl doesn't want to get pampered every once in a while? Surprise your lovely lady with a gift that will make her feel like a million bucks. Get a gift certificate that will cater to what she would enjoy most: having her hair done at the salon, a mani/pedi package, a therapeutic massage/spa treatment, or all of the above. Some spas may even offer Valentine's packages or specials. This is a gift that she can brag to all her friends about and make them jealous.

-Dinner & A Movie
Sometimes a simple solution is exactly what's needed. The classic date of dinner and a movie may appeal to the couple that's always busy and hasn't been on an actual date in a while. You can rent a movie and order in (cheaper, but some may think its more romantic), or go out to eat and catch a flick at the theatre (be prepaired that dinner reservations may be hard to come by at more formal restaurants). Be sure to pick a movie that your Valentine will enjoy, this occasion should be all about them. Rental suggestions: Fever Pitch, The Notebook, Breakfast at Tiffany's or Ghost.  At the theatre suggestions: 27 Dresses, Fool's Gold, or Atonement.

-Carriage Rides
Take a romantic jaunt around Market Street in a horse drawn carriage. She will eat up the nostalgic charm and it offers quality time to converse under the stars. Carriage rides run from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and pick up in front of the Cinemark in Market Street.

- Alternative Bouqets and Chocolate
The inflated price of flowers during this holiday make it increasingly more attractive to purchase an alternative bouqet for your special someone. For example, a cookie bouqet, cookie cake or fruit arrangement. She will think of the extra thought and effort you put in, and you won't have to spend a fortune for those last-second picked over dozen roses. As for chocolate, stay away from the prepackaged boxes at the grocery store. Go to a local specialty chocolatier that she likes to go to. The quality will be better and you won't look like you picked it up on the way home from work.

Things to Avoid
Under most circumstances, avoid getting a gift card or clothes. Gift cards can seem cold and not very romantic. There isn't much thought involved and it shows that you don't know what your Valentine's likes and dislikes are. Clothes can be tricky to pick out and she won't enjoy a gift that she has to return. Save yourself the embarrassment and potential disaster of getting the wrong size and forget clothes as a gift.

Gifts for Guys

- Tickets
Impress your beau with tickets to a sporting event or concert. Be aware that ticket prices can vary from sport to sport and be sure you to pick a sport that he enjoys watching. This will also get the two of you together for another date on the day of the event.

- Food
Any guy would love to get his favorite meal or treat as a surprise. Pick up takeout from his favorite eatery or make his favorite dish at home and he will surely be smiling.

- Sports Equipment
Does your valentine play sports? If so, he may be in need of some new equipment. In case you don't know what to buy or what size, a gift card is acceptable to give. That way he can choose the item that he needs or wants most and you only have to make a quick stop by a local sporting goods store. Each time he uses the equipment, he will think of you.

Things to Avoid
Neckties, socks, jewelry, stuffed animals and pets. Even if your Valentine does need a necktie or socks, its probably way down on his want list. Also, its not very original and is as close to a universally-known bad gift as possible. Jewelry can be very hit or miss, and maybe a little expensive for Valentine's Day. If you spend more than he does it will embarass him, and if he doesn't usually wear jewelry he might not to wear it. It may seem hard to believe, but stuffed animals are not all that popular with men. Pets should also be avoided because of possible complications down the road. For instance: living conditions, personal preferences, and maintanence/care costs.

Is something missing from this story? Share your gift ideas and past Valentine's Day blunders by adding a comment below.

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