Web Post Urges Texas Republicans to Vote Obama in Primary

By Chris Elmi
| Published 02/28/2008

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THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- A posting in a public forum on the Republicans for Obama Web site is urging Texas Republicans to vote for Barack Obama in the Texas Primary and sign up on the Obama list for caucus delegates on primary election night, March 4.

The movement aims to hand candidate Hillary Clinton a defeat in Texas and bring an end to her presidential campaign. The post also urges others to "forward the message to republican and independent friends." 

Republicans for Obama has posted a disclaimer above the post that states: 

"(This post was neither authored nor approved by the leadership of  Republicans for Obama.  It is simply a posting in a public forum.) " 

If a registered voter in Texas cast their ballot in the democratic or republican primary they could still vote for a presidential candidate from either party in the general election. The posting has sparked interest among those voting in the Texas Primary and raises ethical questions about "gaming" the electoral system.

Walter Wilkerson, County Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party, said, "We do not advise that. That is not smart politics. Its counter productive and inflates the democratic early voting numbers."

Adrienne Cadik, Chairperson for the Montgomery County Democratic Party, said, "I had not heard of this (posting). There are probably some republican voters that would cross over to vote for Hillary Clinton in the democratic primary too, so they may just cancel each other out. With John McCain having the republican nomination wrapped up maybe people want to have an affect on the outcome of the election in November. But, I think there are many other reasons for people crossing over to vote in the democratic primary, they may be unhappy with the way the country is being run."

However, the simple "posting on a public forum" may hurt local republican races. By voting in the democratic primary, Montgomery County republicans would be unable to vote if there were a runoff in one of the county or state republican races. For example, the race for District Attorney or one of several highly contested judgeships on the Republican ballot.

Texas Primary Election Day is Tuesday, March 4. For polling locations and times, please see the link below.

Do you think that crossing party lines to change the outcome of the primary election is fair? Let us know what you think by submitting a comment below.

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