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Five on Five: College campuses around the country

Published 07/30/2013 | By Rilee Robinson

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Rilee, current student at The Woodlands High School, visiting Arizona State University Tempe campus. Photo courtesy of Rilee Robinson, taken by Michelle Robinson

THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- While high school students travel the nation every summer in search of the perfect fit for college, the process gets overwhelming. While doing my college tour this summer I noted some unique facts about each school I visited. So here is my list of five fun facts about five different universities:

Arizona State University: Tempe Campus, Tempe, AZ

1. School spirit is abundant at this campus; there is a lot of Sundevil pride bringing out the full college experience.

2. There is a beautiful lawn outside of the dorm buildings which facilitates student life activities such as Frisbee tournaments and dance parties.

3. There is an Apple store on campus that is there to assist students with technological problems.

4. The Tempe campus houses a beautiful newly renovated student workout facility that is equipped with an indoor track and a plethora of workout machines.

5. Finally, the ASU tempe campus is home to 4 Starbucks.

Arizona State University: Downtown Campus, Phoenix, AZ

1. The dorm floors are arranged by major, ensuring that everyone on the floor shares a common interest.

2. The style of the downtown campus is modern and has an urban feel; it is perfect for all of the city lovers out there like me.

3. The dorm floors are co-ed which creates a more diverse environment.

4. Every class for downtown students is less than a ten minute walk from the dorms, which is perfect for a morning class.

5. The downtown campus is located less than twenty minutes away from my favorite shopping hub, Scottsdale Fashion.

Baylor University, Waco, TX

1. The campus is covered with beautiful fields which are open to all students for recreational purposes.

2.There are hidden trails throughout the campus for walkers and runners, a new adventure is always nearby.

3.The campus itself is sparkling, there is hardly a piece of litter anywhere. The students at Baylor were all very friendly and everyone was willing to help answer my questions.

4.My personal favorite thing on campus was the Baylor bear exhibit. Baylor is the home of two real brown bears living in a habitat right on campus.

Oklahoma University, Norman, OK

1. The city of Norman is truly a college town, most everyone is a Sooner fan and the town bleeds the school colors.

2.The President of the school, David Boren, actively participates in and around campus. Boren even teaches a political science class at the university.

3. The cafeteria has pub style booths and has power outlets everywhere; it would be a really neat place to study.

4. The dorms have floor level key pads, so only a resident of that floor can get in and the campus itself is very safe.

5. The surrounding town is quite picturesque, with boutiques and fun local restaurants. I felt as though I stepped into a romance novel.

Georgetown University, Washington, D.C

1. The campus has a gothic look, almost like something from a Harry Potter book.

2. The school’s mascot is Jack the bulldog and he makes regular appearances around the campus.

3. The dorms are roomy and very clean; they were some of the better dorms that I had a chance to visit.

4. The cafeteria on campus was excellent. Some of my favorite selections were the Dreyer's ice cream stand and the fancy 100-choice soda machine.

5. I love that the campus is located close to our nation's capital, opening students up to so much history.

With so many cultures thriving at the universities in America every student is bound to find one that fits particular needs and wants. I only hope I helped you discover that every college has something special to offer you on your educational journey. Feel free to comment below on fun facts that make your university one of a kind.

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