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A place for all geek-nerds, nerd-geeks and anyone in between, outside or inside to come together for fun.

In The Kingdom...
"Nerd, Geek... Geek, Nerd... Here in the Kingdom of Geekdom, we know that these two words technically have different meanings but we interchange them lovingly and with no malice towards one group or another. All for one and one for Geek, or Nerd..respectively :) We want to learn and group this community and we can only do that with support from You! Please send us your comments, questions and suggestions.
Meet Our Geeks
Meet the Players that are game, comic, geek, strategy, figure, technical, artistsy, nerdy...and much much more.
  • jen-headshot
    Jen King / Commander
    Segment: Comics & Things
    Special Power: I hear that my "Mom Face" is so scary that it results in nightmares. Also, can locate any object in my 8,500 square ft store and warehouse. Unless you moved it, then all bets are off.
    Statement: Pretty much all of life can be summed up in Doc Holiday Tombstone movie quotes. Try it out. "Well isn't that funny?"
    Business: Space Cadets Collection
  • joey-headshot
    Joey Savage
    Segment: Nerd Thug Role Play
    Special Power: Manipulation of Tooth Picks
    Statement: "Fight The Madness"
    Business: Nerd Thug Radio
  • brian-headshot
    Brian McMeans
    Segment: What's Rolling in
    Special Power: I consider myself a master impressionist. Voices, characters, accents, I can mimic it all!
    Statement: My mission is to bring together people from all different backgrounds and create a fun filled community atmosphere, watching friendships develop.
    Business: Space Cadets Gaming Gaming
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    Unlock Geek
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