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What is it?

One of the plethora of tools available in The Adventure Forge- the Maker's Space at The Adventure Begins that is set to open to our guests in Quarter 2 of 2022 – is the Silhouette Cameo Pro 4, an advanced cutting machine.

This cutting machine can cut materials up to 2 feet long, and about 0.11 inches thick. The material- be it papers, card-stock, or even fabric- is fed through the Silhouette machine, which precisely lowers a blade to cut the material at certain places and depths, as directed by the user through associated computer software. 

The software, Silhouette Studio, uses vector lines- lines created through mathematical equations- to direct the blade  exactly as you need it. Don't worry though, the Silhouette Studio software is a visual editor that doesn't require you to do any kind of math- it does that work for you behind the scenes.

The cutting machine can also be fitted with different kinds of blades, to achieve different kinds of cuts. In-fact, it can even hold up to two blades at the same time. 

What can I make with it?

This machine can cut out complex shapes faster and easier than a human could with handheld blades or scissors, and can also achieve such delicate and accurate cuts that are simply impossible for human hands. It's an incredible tool for any kind of papercraft or small fabric project. 

Papercraft is a very versatile, and I find often undervalued, art-form. You can use cut paper from the Silhouette Pro, and simple supplies such as glue, tape, and brass fasteners to create moving figures and three-dimensional sculptures and toys, as well as perhaps more familiar objects like greeting cards and pop-up books. 

However, one of the most popular applications of cutting machines like this one in The Adventure Forge is not papercraft at all, but the cutting of vinyl stickers and decals! In addition to cutting clean through a sheet of printer-friendly sticker paper, the Silhouette Cameo Pro 4 can cut only the top layer of the sticker paper, leaving the bottom intact, to create multiple, individual stickers that can be peeled off a single sheet. This process of cutting only the top layer of a material, like sticker-paper, is called a “Kiss Cut.”

Any artwork or photograph you can print can be turned into accurately cut stickers or sticker-sheets, which can decorate paper projects, key-chains, or even game pieces and mini-figures. Stickers are a great way to personalize your space and games, as well as a popular low-cost item to sell at trade-shows and pop-culture conventions! 

By: Austin Vanderwilt

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