What Is a Mesh System, and How Does It Work?

By: Tachus Fiber Internet | Published 01/17/2022


Your Internet connection can only be as fast and reliable as your wireless signal can allow it to be. If you want your Wi-Fi to match the speeds your Internet provider promised you, you need a router that can deliver those speeds to all of your devices throughout your entire home. If you use anything less, you’ll never be able to get the speed, reliability, and coverage you deserve from a wireless network.

That’s why as our devices have evolved, so has the way in which we connect them to the Internet. One game-changing example of this is mesh Wi-Fi, a form of Wi-Fi equipment that can replace your router with a more widespread, customizable system.

The right mesh system is capable of delivering a strong wireless signal anywhere in your house and can make dead zones a thing of the past. Let’s talk a little more about what mesh systems are, how they work, and how they compare to other kinds of Wi-Fi equipment.

What Is a Mesh System?
A mesh system is a form of wireless equipment that uses multiple devices as Wi-Fi points, or nodes, to create and support your home’s wireless network. Using multiple nodes means you have multiple sources of Wi-Fi around your house.

This enables a mesh network to provide more coverage around your home than a single router can. Most mesh systems are offered as one, two, or three nodes; with the potential to add more as needed.

How Does a Mesh System Work?
In a mesh system, the different nodes placed throughout your home communicate with one another as they work together to cover a large area. One node connects to your modem and works as your main router. That node broadcasts your Wi-Fi signal to any devices in range including your other nodes, which in turn receive and broadcast the signal as well.

With the right number of nodes well-placed throughout your home, a mesh system creates a seamless connection that can cover your entire house with one Wi-Fi network. But don’t think that the sheer number of nodes is the only thing that makes this possible.

Each node is equipped with adaptive routing technology that they use to efficiently transfer information to and from other nodes. This helps them choose the fastest and safest way for information to travel between your devices and your modem’s Internet connection.

This smart technology allows your network to adapt to certain situations, like when a node isn’t working or is congested because it has more devices connected to it than others. Your system can adjust to this by re-routing data through a different path between you and your Internet connection.

What Are the Advantages of a Mesh System?
The biggest benefit of a mesh system is its ability to cover your whole home with a single, seamless Wi-Fi signal. They’re frequently compared to range extenders in their ability to strengthen your wireless coverage. Range extenders are a good option to consider if you only have one room or small dead zone in your home that needs a better connection.

However, they’re not the best option if you need a stronger signal in more than just one room. Many extenders also broadcast a different network from your main router’s, creating a less seamless experience than the single network a mesh system broadcasts.

If you want your whole home to be covered with a strong Wi-Fi signal without having to switch between different networks, a mesh system is your best choice for Wi-Fi equipment.

Another advantage of mesh systems is how customizable they are. Are you not sure about getting a mesh system because you think two- and three-pack systems might not be what you need? You can start with a one-pack, which will act just like any other router.

If you have a one-pack or greater and it’s not enough, you always have the option to add more nodes throughout your home as needed. And as you adjust or add to the nodes in your network, you can count on them to adapt and transmit data from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible.

Interested in getting a new mesh system or router? We have a list of Wi-Fi equipment product lines that our customer love. Each line has an array of wireless systems that can accommodate you no matter how many devices you use, the size of your home, or your Internet speeds.

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