Tax Season Starts Today!

By: Woodlands Online | Published 01/24/2022


It's time to start digging through the piles of paperwork that have been mounting and sharpening the pencils -- or desperately attempting to remember your login information for your online tax software account -- as today is the official start of the 2022 tax season. As of this morning, the Internal Revenue Service is accepting your tax returns.

Officials at the IRS warn that -- due to the ongoing issues tied into the pandemic, coupled with a lack of funding and updated tax scenarios -- that filers can expect their returns to be delayed. 

If you're still waiting on your W2s to commence your filing, employers and past employers have until January 31 to mail them out to you. To expedite the process, the IRS encourages taxpayers expecting returns to file online and specify direct deposit for their funds. 

And for you fellow procrastinators, know that this year's filing deadline is April 18, three days past the norm.

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