Important Update For Our Blue Cross Blue Shield Patients

Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine’s (SROSM) medical clinic (physician services) Blue Cross Blue Shield Contract (BCBS) is provided by our relationship with Memorial Hermann as part of their Clinically Integrated Network (MHMD).
BCBS initiated a letter stating they were cancelling Memorial Hermann Blue Cross Blue Shield physician contracts effective 3/1/22. This includes any physician contracts that are part of the MHMD network that SROSM is a part of.
Memorial Hermann and Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics did not initiate the termination of these contracts. There have been ongoing negotiations between Memorial Hermann and BCBS over their differences. Unfortunately SROSM and our patients are stuck in the middle.
We hope that Memorial Hermann and BCBS work out their differences. If you have BC/BS and are one of our patients, we are here for you and will make every effort to work with BC/BS to find a swift resolution. In the meantime, our concern is for our patients, and ensuring that your care and health needs are uninterrupted.
In the short term, as a BCBS patient:
• If you have a scheduled appointment with our physicians, we will see you.
If you have specific questions, call our office to speak to our staff directly regarding your options.
• You can fill out a continuity of care form and submit it to BCBS to apply for an extension of your in-network benefits for any condition currently being treated.
Click here to access this form ??
• We also encourage you to call Blue Cross Blue Shield through the Member Services phone number on the back of your plan ID card. Let them know that it is important you maintain in-network access to Memorial Hermann’s network of providers and facilities to ensure you have options when it comes to your healthcare.
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Please do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions or would like further clarification as to how you might be affected.
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