HS Boys 13-6A District Basketball: 2021-2022 Round Up

By: Woodlands Online Sports | Published 03/06/2022


2021 - 2022 District 13-6A Recap

The 2021 – 2022 season was finally a full and “normal” season since the pandemic started. The Woodlands area was home to some wild games against all the area teams. As the College Park Cavaliers crashed the boards and finished their district season undefeated, the young Grand Oaks Grizzlies moved up in the rankings as a team to beat. The Woodlands showcased many victories and a head coach that had an answer for every scenario. There was also battle for the fourth spot in the playoffs between the Oak Ridge War Eagles and the Conroe Tigers.

Each matchup had its own highlights, even those that lost put up max effort to help their team move on. Teams face seniors moving on to the next chapter in their lives which makes the matchups more interesting next season. With the seniors gone, freshman, juniors and sophomores have to step up and work with their team to make wins happen. It doesn’t happen on the court, it happens in the weight room, dining room and classroom.

The recap of the 2021 -2022 season between the top four teams in The Woodlands area will show how hard these kids worked. Between the undefeated Cavaliers and the Conroe Tigers the talent and growth is incredible. All these teams will come back to a new set of schools in their district which will make it more difficult to travel up the rankings. Caney Creek, New Caney and Cleveland will be the new comers to the 13-6A district and will face the powerhouses that have already made a mark in the district.



College Park Cavaliers
Overall: 27-9 | District: 15-0



The College Park Cavaliers absolutely dominated the district this season with an impressive 15 and 0 run. As they entered the playoffs some of the teams seemed a bit stronger but they pushed through and made it to the Area round. College Park put up with an aggressive Cy Falls team who out scored them by just 4 points.

College Park is losing some crucial seniors but looks to rebuild for next season. Coach McNeely with over 600 wins will find a way to make, even the most timid, player a star. Freshman will move up, and sophomores/juniors will be the new motivators of the team.



Grand Oaks Grizzlies
Overall: 23-12 | District: 10-5



Age is just a number and, in this case, it doesn’t determine the maturity of the program. Coached by Mike Day, the Grand Oaks Grizzlies went toe-to-toe with the best in the district and came out on top in many of those matchups. Being in the 13-6A for only two seasons, they went from a negative record to fighting for second place against the strong Woodlands Highlanders.

Grand Oaks will continue to grow and eventually face 3 new schools next year making the district titles even harder to achieve. Grand Oaks finished off their basketball season in a historic fashion. Being the first teams to achieve a 3rd round visit (Girls) and a first playoff round (boys).



The Woodlands Highlanders
Overall: 20-14 | District: 10-5



Lead by Shey Eberwein, The Woodlands Highlanders ran the boards and fought for a second-place seed with the Grand Oaks Grizzlies. Coach Dale Reed always finds a combination of players to disrupt an offense and defense, which is why the Highlanders are a difficult team. They also have an aggressive and tactical play style which, for some teams, is hard to keep up with.

The Highlanders are soaked in tradition and when asked around the district who is the rival, The Woodlands is always mentioned. Not only through Basketball but throughout the other sports in High School. The Woodlands hopes to have the new Freshman, Ian Inman, with Shey Eberwein to run the next set of players for the 2022-2023 season.



Conroe Tigers
Overall: 20-14 | District: 5-10



Kamari Weatherspoon, number 33 with the Conroe Tigers, pushed his way through the paint and made a name for himself by being named 13-6A 1st-Team All District. With school history being made on the girl’s side of the ball, the boys faced a tough district with College Park and Grand Oaks at top of the leaderboards. Fighting for a 4th place spot in the playoffs, Conroe had to face a tough Oak Ridge team to move on. With that final spot they had to face 4th in Texas, Westfield who was a powerhouse running through the ranks.

Lead by Coach Mason, the Conroe Tigers Boys Basketball Team clawed their way to earn their spot in the playoffs and made a name for themselves against a strong Westfield team. Unfortunately, with a loss they will hit the weight room and practice court in hopes to make history next year just like the Lady Tigers did this year. Conroe really lived by their hashtag “Earnit” as the Ladies went to the Regional Semi-finals and the boys made it to the Bi-District round.
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