The first Superman comic was in 1938!


Welcome to the Grand Adventure Blog. I am your host, Samantha. The first Superman comic was in 1938, which ushered in what is called the Golden Age of Comic Books with the superhero character. Historians believe these characters helped calm people who were worried about the threat of war during and after WWII.

This week we have some amazing comics coming out for the lottery tomorrow. 

Some comics this week to look out for are Human Remains. Anjalo returns with the strange psychedelic fungus, which might be potential savior or a dangerous poison. Meanwhile, the Reverend Hays faces his darkest hour, and Jessica’s flight from her brutal husband comes to a chilling unexpected conclusion. I will caution my readers that this series is not for the faint of heart. 

Another comic to look out for is Bettie Page: The Alien Agenda #2. Bettie and her team are on the trail to discover the location of the alien stash of potential weapons. After working together to deduce that their first stop is in Egypt, the ladies head off to start exploring the ancient tombs of Djosser. What will they find deep within the stone pyramid? Bobby traps? Snake pits? Aliens? Follow Bettie, Sofia, and Young-ja as they continue pursuing their alien enemies in order to protect humanity from possible devastation.  This is an 18 and over comic series. 

Our last comic to look for this week is Dark Ages #6. All the sacrifices made on the day the world went dark could be for nothing if Apocalypse has his way. Some of the greatest minds on the planet have been enslaved by the tyrant and are on working on a plan that could end in annihilation. Will our heroes, fighting for thor loved ones and lost ones, be able to stop Apocalypse and his forces, or could the world end again?

In manga this week we have some amazing ones. Don’t forget to come in and check out the Manga section. 

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