How Tachus Is Ensuring Communities Always Have Internet Service

By: Tachus Fiber Internet | Published 04/12/2022


As a local Internet provider, Tachus was founded with the mission to provide the fastest, most reliable service to our communities. While this has been made possible with the gigabit speeds delivered by a buried 100% fiber-to-the-home infrastructure in every neighborhood we serve, Tachus has also taken additional steps to guarantee the highest level of reliability and durability.

Network Redundancy
Tachus builds our network with redundancy. This is a process that involves installing multiple Fiber routes, creating multiple paths over which your home can receive our Internet service. Network redundancy ensures each community stays connected via multiple alternative routes. This means if a Fiber line is cut, our customers will still have their Internet service through a different path while the cut line is repaired. These redundant pathways make Tachus’ network extremely resilient.

Power Redundancy
Tachus has standby generators at each of our cabinet locations. Each has a transfer switch so that when commercial power is lost, the switch automatically transfers to the generator, leaving the service uninterrupted. No other Internet provider in Greater Houston is doing this, meaning Tachus is bringing Internet users a truly unprecedented level of reliability in its service.

Cabinet Efficiency
Tachus keeps utilization of each cabinet low to ensure it does not risk oversubscription. Because Tachus does not maximize the number of households each cabinet accommodates, users do not experience any slowdowns during peak hours like 5:00 PM or weekends. Even the fastest, most powerful Internet connection can be dramatically slowed down if it is being shared by too many users. Because Tachus makes a point not to overutilize each community’s cabinet and Internet connection, our customers will never have to experience this problem.

Tachus has taken measures no other ISP has ever taken to guarantee our communities have a Fiber Internet connection they can always count on. As Tachus grows to offer service to more communities in Greater Houston, we plans to offer that same grade of speed and reliability to Houstonians and Texans everywhere.

Interested in gaining access to the blazing fast speed of Fiber and the highest level of reliability Internet service has to offer? Check your address on our site to see if we are in your area yet. If not, learn how you can bring Tachus Fiber Internet into your community.

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