Why Are Your Bulbs Burning Out So Fast?

By: AAA Bishop Electric | Published 05/09/2022


All light fixtures have a label listing the maximum wattage the fixture will allow. In lamps and open fixtures(where heat can escape), if a higher than recommended wattage bulb is installed then the bulb will heat up and burn out. The bulb will have a shorter life because it is overworked and overheated .

If you have a dome style fixture the heat accumulated by the over rated bulb will start to heat, trapping the heat like an oven, burning the wiring and possibly the fixture. Make sure you check all of the dome style, closed style fixtures to make sure the bulbs are the correct wattage. Take the time to go through you home and check all light bulbs to make sure they have the proper wattage.

The new LED technology bulb surpasses all older bulbs in shelf life, heat generation and energy consumption.

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