Preventative Measures to Protect Your Dogs from Heartworms

By: USA Pet Resorts | Published 05/23/2022


May is an early start to Mosquito awareness (starts in June) as well as heartworm prevention for our beloved doggies. It’s never too early to start prevention. Understanding heartworms is important for dog owners. Heartworms are not a dog-to-dog infection rather dogs can contract heartworms through mosquito bites. Prevention is not recommended it is mandatory for a responsible pet owner because according to The VCA Animal Hospital “It usually takes several years before dogs show clinical signs of infection. Consequently, the disease is diagnosed mainly in two- to eight-year-old dogs. The disease is rare in dogs less than one year of age, because the microfilariae take 5 to 7 months to mature into adult heartworms after infection. Unfortunately, by the time clinical signs are seen, the disease is usually well advanced.” Although treatable in advanced stages it is a painful and unthinkable way for any dog to suffer.

Speak to your vet about preventative medicine and inform yourself on your dog’s risk. You are the first line of defense for their lasting health and longevity. Dogs give us unconditional love without limits, protecting their health is one of a human’s greatest honor in replaying their loyalty.

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