Boundaries... and why they matter

By: USA Pet Resorts | Published 06/02/2022


So many leashes so little time, here are a few quick tips on leash selections. There has been a lot of buzz around these retractable leashes, they are sold everywhere but it seems like they are not actually good for dogs, why the confusing message. Well junk food is sold everywhere and it’s junk too. Okay, let’s rewind… retractable leashes aren’t 100% bad, there is a time and place when this style is suitable. Although, mostly they are not the right choice for most dogs. But why right, okay they are not a very safe or an effective way to manage a canine. This is exactly the reason why dog parents are using a leash to protect, train, and manage a dog. 

Retractable leashes are often unreliable and prone to cause injury to you and worse, jerking intense pull back on our dog’s necks. Rope burns too deep lacerations to humans can easily happen when trying to restrain the dog. Also, this jarring motion of a tether from a longer distance can be harmful to your pooches’ neck and spine. According to the Humane Society “Retractable leashes can damage your pet’s neck and throat. When your pet gets to the end of the leash, it can snap your pet’s neck back causing damage to their trachea and neck vertebrae. We treat many animals for neck and back injuries which can be very painful and have long-lasting effects. An injured trachea can cause a cough that can also affect breathing if severe enough. Even when keeping the length short on a retractable leash, injury can still occur” HumaneSociety.  

Giving your dog space to explore is great in a controlled safe environment, but a 30 ft leash is not the way to go about it. Fenced in yards or safe play time @DAYCLUB with USAPR resort hosts watching are great options to quell curiosity. Long leads can be useful in training for younger dogs that can be stopped by hand but again this is during a training lesson not a casual walk. We recommend a short leash around 24”, this is the safest most effective way to walk your dog for exercise. You can purchase these here @USAPR or in most specialty pet stores.

Now, there are some times when retractable leashes are a good choice if properly supervised. Meaning, older dogs who have earned their time to meander and have no risk of running off crazily also, they are suitable for blind or hearing-impaired dogs. Elderly or handy-capable K9’s who need some freedom but who are carefully monitored by their parents. It is not meant to protect your dog from injury or risk of a potential altercation with another furry friend. Having a big gap between you and your dog puts them you and them at risk.

USA Pet Resorts sells quality leashes for your pet. Stop by to talk with one of our associates to find the right leash for your pet. The type of leash matters and we can help you determine what is best for your furry loved one. We are located at 21120 Spring Towne Drive, The Woodlands,  TX   77388


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