How To Watch Houston Texans Games Without Cable

By: Tachus Fiber Internet | Published 08/16/2022


Football season is back. The NFL preseason has officially begun, with the preseason opener having kicked off on August 11.

The Houston Texans won their first game of the year against the New Orleans Saints on August 13, closing with a 17-13 score. Their first regular season game will be against the Indianapolis Colts on September 11.

How do you plan to watch your favorite NFL team? If you’re planning to catch them on cable, we’re here to say that there’s a better way. You can cut the cord on cable and STILL watch the Texans games using a streaming service.

Live streaming services are more affordable than cable plans and will help you save money. They have no contracts, and carry almost all of the same channels and live content. They’re also month-to-month, meaning you can cancel any time.

Already have a smart TV or streaming device? All that's left is a service to stream! Here’s where you can stream the Houston Texans this season.

Where Can I Watch the Houston Texans?

Let’s start with the channels where you can find them. Most regular season games will be on CBS and FOX, and the first two preseason games will be on ABC. Two games will be exclusively on Amazon Prime Video (against the San Francisco 49ers on August 25 and against the Philadelphia Eagles on November 3).

Here are the streaming services that carry these channels.


Price: $69.99

Offers: ABC, CBS, and FOX

Free Trial: 5 Days

With DIRECTV STREAM, you can access every game with the exception of the two on Amazon. This streaming service carries every channel you would need to watch on cable. Try out their free trial for five days and see if you like it.



Price: $69.99

Offers: ABC, CBS, and FOX

Free Trial: 7 Days

A fuboTV subscription also offers every Texans game that will be nationally televised. So try out the seven day free trial and watch a game or two before committing.


Hulu + Live TV

Price: $69.99

Offers: ABC, CBS, and FOX

Free Trial: None

Hulu + Live TV is another service that will offer all the channels you need to watch every Houston Texans game (except for the ones on Amazon). You’ll also have access to other live sports, news, events, and a robust offering of TV shows and movies.


YouTube TV

Price: $64.99

Offers: ABC, CBS, and FOX

Free Trial: 7 Days

YouTube TV is the fourth service that offers all of the broadcast networks airing Texans games. It’s just a few dollars cheaper a month, and offers a free trial for seven days. Try it out for a week and catch a game or two before deciding if it’s the service for you.

Looking for some new favorite shows and hit movies? YouTube TV also has an impressive catalogue beyond just sports networks.



Price: $4.99

Offers: CBS

Free Trial: 7 Days

Paramount+ only offers CBS, which is the channel that is broadcasting the most AFC games this season. For one free week followed by $4.99 per month, you can watch all regular season games with the exception of two on FOX (against the Washington Commanders on November 20 and against the Dallas Cowboys on December 11) and the one on Amazon (against the Philadelphia Eagles on November 3). You won’t be able to stream any of the preseason games, however.


Sling TV

Price: $35

Offers: FOX, NBC, and NFL Network

Free Trial: None

If you’re hoping to mainly stream Texans games, Sling TV might not be the best choice because it doesn’t offer any games streaming on CBS. However, you’ll be able to catch games broadcasted on FOX, NBC, and NFL Network. See which games are streaming on these channels before trying out Sling TV.

Don’t already have one of these services? Don’t worry—you can create an account and then close it as soon as the season’s over. Billing is month-to-month, and there are no contracts.


Using a TV Antenna To Watch Local Broadcast Channels

Along with streaming services, you can also use an Over the Air (OTA) Antenna to watch local channels. Depending on where you live, this could be a great way to get the local channels you need to watch live football games.

Are you a baseball fan? Check out our guide on how to stream Astros games!

For more information on cutting the cord on cable, visit our MyBundle.TV page, where Tachus customers are switching to streaming services and ditching their cable TV plans for good. Don't let your cable TV plan keep you in the minor leagues. Start streaming your games live and score a touchdown this season.

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