Time To Scan The 2023 Market To Identify Your Lowes

By: TheWoodlandsTXHealthInsurance .com | Published 10/03/2022

Clients of Kenton Henry along with all Medicare Recipients,
 Can you believe it is that time of year again! Each calendar year virtually every Medicare Part Prescription Drug Plan changes something about their plan. Either it’s the premium, the annual deductible, the amount of the drug copays, or those drugs which are covered - and which are not. And the only way to determine your lowest “TOTAL” cost* drug plan for the coming year is to enter your drugs and dosages and scan the market for your lowest total cost Part D plan in 2023.
*(“Total cost” is the sum of your monthly premium, any applicable deductible, and your drug copays or coinsurance. The $6.60 is the lowest premium I have seen for 2023. But premium alone does not always –or  even usually - result in your lowest monetary expenditure for drugs and a plan.)
The Annual Election Period begins on Monday, the 15th and lasts until December 7th. As you know, I have a standing offer to my existing clients, and anyone on Medicare, to scan the market for you. Simply email or fax me a list of your Rx drugs and dosages and I will either confirm your current drug plan will remain the lowest cost next year or I will identify the plan which will result in your lowest total cost. If the latter, I will enroll you in it by December 7th and it will become effective January 1.
Your drug regimen will go in my “TO BE QUOTED” folder and (beginning as early as October 1ST) I will address it in the order it was received. Watch your email for my recommendation.
If you do not receive my recommendation by the time the Annual Election Period is winding down - be certain to reach and let me know. I will be processing a large number of these requests and I do not want yours to be missed. The quickest way to reach me is to text me on my cell phone 24/7 at 713-907-7984(The voicemail for my cell phone will remain “full”The voicemail on the office line will remain open and messages will be returned as soon as possible.)
**(Additionally, if your spouse, any relatives, or friends are still Under Age 65 and in need of health insurance for 2023 – please remind them their Open Enrollment for a January 1 effective date begins November 1 and runs until December 15th – and that I am here to assist them also!)
Thank you so much for the opportunity to keep your business - or earn it in the first place!
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