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By: Tachus Fiber Internet | Published 10/12/2022


It’s the MLB Postseason! As of October 7, the 2022 MLB Playoffs are officially underway. As the number 1 seed in the ALDS, the Houston Astros have received a bye in the Wild Card round and played their first game against the Seattle Mariners on October 11.

Having played in the Playoffs for the last six seasons straight, Astros fans are hopeful that their favorite team will win the World Series this year. Want to see it for yourself? Stream every Astros Playoffs game and watch them earn history again! Here’s how you can watch them without cable.

Learn more about how to cut the cord on your cable plan and switch to streaming!

The Astros’ Division Series games will take place on October 11, October 13, October 15, October 16, and October 17. The Astros’ spot in the Championship series is to be determined (but we know they’re going to make it).

Each of these games will broadcast on TBS. Wild Card games have just finished airing on ESPN, and the World Series will air on FOX. The following streaming services carry some or all of these channels, and can be canceled any time.

Sling TV Blue

$35/month (currently discounting half off your first month)

If you’re looking for the most possible Astros games for your money, Sling TV Blue offers TBS, which is airing the ALDS and ALCS games. It also offers FOX, which is where the World Series will air. Want to watch NLDS games airing on FOX and FS1? Sling TV Blue offers FS1 as well.

The one drawback is that Sling TV Blue doesn’t offer ESPN. So if you had wanted to catch the Wild Card games, or have other sports that you like to watch on ESPN, Sling TV Blue may not be the best option for you.

Sling TV Orange

$35/month (currently discounting half off your first month)

For just $35 (or half of that if it’s your first month with Sling TV), you can access TBS and stream every Astros ALDS and ALCS game. However, Sling TV Orange does not carry FS1 or FOX, which is where NLDS games will be broadcasted.

If you’re interested in watching NLDS games, Sling TV Orange may not be the best fit for you. The same goes for the World Series, which will be broadcasted on FOX. It does carry ESPN, however, which is where the Wild Card games aired.

Sling TV Orange & Blue

$50/month (currently discounting half off your first month)

Want to watch EVERY game in the post season? Sling TV Orange & Blue has you covered. From the Wild Card games on ESPN, to the ALDS and ALCS games on TBS, and to the NLDS and World Series games on FOX and FS1, they can all be accessed for $50 (or half of that if it’s your first month with Sling TV).

Hulu + Live TV

$69.99/month (Free trial available)

Hulu + Live TV will offer all MLB Postseason games, as well as a robust selection of content for your other sports and TV shows. If you’re looking for a service to cover all or most of your streaming needs, consider Hulu + Live TV.


$69.99/month (Free trial available)

Another solid service to use for the regular season, DIRECTV STREAM will offer all MLB Postseason games, as well as a ton of other content. If you’re looking for a service to cover all or most of your streaming needs, DIRECTV STREAM is also a good option.

YouTube TV

$64.99/month ($54.99 for your first three months)

YouTube TV offers a base plan with TV from over 100 channels including live sports, news, and TV shows. It will also offer all of the games in the Postseason. Check out YouTube TV and see if its offering meets your needs.

Now that you know where to stream the Astros in the Playoffs, it’s time to tune in and watch them make history again! Get ready to start streaming the Postseason and cheer on the ‘Stros!

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