A Business Built Out of Love...

By: Cassio Creations Fine Jewelry | Published 10/17/2022


In 1992 I proposed to Michelle.  Of course, we all know she said,” yes”. I had custom designed her wedding ring with a local jeweler. When I came to pick up the creation, He asked me to come and work for him. At the time I was studying architecture and going to college. The job opportunity interested me and I accepted.

Growing up, I was always building things with wood and other materials. I was immediately, totally thrilled to be making jewelry from start to finish. I felt like this was my calling and dove in headfirst.

I soaked it all up and began to buy tools and equipment to start my own manufacture and repair company. Set up in my garage…closet…kitchen wherever my work bench would fit I would practice goldsmithing, stone setting, wax carving, casting. It was fun, I was completely drawn to it. I was constantly doing some sort of jewelry repair or design. 

In 1997 I left a national jewelry chain store and went out on my own and started doing repairs for other jewelry stores. I was their guy that fixed it. I’ve been serving the Woodlands and surrounding areas since 1997. In 2001 we were traveling to all major malls in Houston and surrounding areas servicing over 20 different jewelry stores in Texas.

In October of 2001 Cassio Creations Fine Jewelry opened its first store front in spring Texas south of Rayford/ sawdust road.  Seven years later in 2008 we moved to Oak Ridge North and in March of 2018, we opened our Hughes Landing Showroom.  I’m still having fun every day, Working with Michelle. It is a business built out of love. 

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