What Is Float Therapy?

By: Blissful Waters Float Center | Published 11/18/2022


Float therapy uses salt water to simulate an environment where your senses are free of external stimuli, allowing for total relaxation. To get the complete experience, you need darkness, silence, and freedom from touch (other than the water in which you are floating). With nearly 1600 lbs. of Epsom salt filled waters per tank, the salt concentration in the water keeps you perfectly afloat. Your head effortlessly rests above water, and the water and air stay at skin temperature to control thermoregulation. By removing stimuli, your body enters a state of deep meditation and relaxation. Calming the entire nervus system.

What to expect
Blissful Waters Float Center offers three private float rooms, along with their local Kombucha and oxygen bar, Brain Training and Contrast Therapy Rooms. Blissful Waters Float Center has nice large walk-in float tanks. Inside the float suite is a shower with shampoo and body wash – clients wash to remove contaminants such as soap or body oils from the skin, insert earplugs, and then climb in! The high saltwater content provides a natural buoyancy that allows you to be weightless and without gravity. There’s no light, no sound, and no weight.

As someone with anxiety, the main question I had before I floated was, “What if I freak out?!” But now that I’ve attended sessions, I can safely say that my concerns have been “washed away.” Each Blissful Waters Float room has dimmable lights on the ceiling and relaxing music playing. You can control lighting and music from within the float tank.

If you need to take a break, do it. If you want to turn on a light or open the door to the float tank, go for it. It’s your experience, so do what you want! Once you are in, anxiety melts away. You will love the way I feel after a floating session!

When people hear about floating, they may think of sensory deprivation but, it’s sensory enhancement! Floating provides an ideal environment for mindful meditation, allowing users to tune into their bodies, especially their heartbeat and breathing.

Post Soak
When finished, clients at Blissful Waters Float rinse off and wash with the complimentary soap, shampoo, and conditioner provided. You can change and dry off with a Dyson blow dryer or spend time in the lounge area sipping tea, kombucha, or Alkaline water. The oxygen bar is also available for those interested.

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