Santa Hat Hunt


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Hello everyone! Get excited for a new kid's activity happening at The Adventure Begins... The Santa Hat Hunt!

  •  Each day on the first floor of the store, there will be a small Santa Hat hidden somewhere each day. This could on top of a statue, next to some paint, hiding in a demo game, or anywhere else!
  •  Children ages 3-10 ( our Santa Hat Sleuths) will need to locate this Santa Hat and then will report back to the Main Register Employee once they have found it.
  •  When the Main Register Employee confirms the hat’s location, the Sleuth will receive a stamp on their official “Santa Hat Sleuth” card.

Each Sleuth can only get one stamp per day.

  •  Once a card gets five stamps, the Sleuth can turn it in (with their name and a contact email filled in), they will be able to get a prize from the Holiday Treasure Chest!
  •  On December 24, all of the turned in cards will be drawn from and the winner will receive $20 off a Single Item of their choice!

We're excited to see how many Santa Hat Sleuths we'll be seeing over the next couple weeks, so get searching today.

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