Preschool and Kindergarten Handwriting: Getting it Right the First Time

By: The Woodlands Young Learners Academy | Published 01/02/2023


One of the biggest challenges as a teacher is to re-teach handwriting. The reason I say re-teach is because typically a child picks up handwriting habits that might be hard to break. It’s not always about the perfect form, let’s face it, as adults we have trouble reading some of our friend’s and family’s handwriting. At this age, it’s about weight lifting for the fingers! Build those fine motor skills and handwriting becomes much easier. How do you do that?

If you are making a mess, you are working on fine motor skills!

  • Playdough! Great for fine motor!

  • Using scissors. There are one million and one scissors on the market. Buy one you like and start cutting. Save those old magazines and cut, cut, cut!

    • The pick-up of the cuts are fine motor practice too!

    • Side note – EVERY child cuts something other than what you want them to at some point…. their hair, their friend’s hair or their clothing. (just fyi)

  • Button, zip and snap! (as they practice dressing themselves)

  • Painting, finger and brush.

  • Puzzles

  • Puppet shows

  • The list goes on! Check with Siri or “Hello Google” for many more ideas!

  • Set aside a time for fine motor. Because you are having fun with your child, they won’t even know they are “working out” for the sake of fine motor.

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