31 Reasons to Not Quit Your New Year's Resolution

By: Condition 1 Combat Center | Published 01/12/2023


With the new year coming, people love  to talk about resolutions. Resolutions  can be important, and the new year is always a good time for reflection on the past and contemplation on plans for the upcoming year. Making plans for the future can bring a lot of satisfaction to someone, and having a goal in mind, can keep you motivated to finish to the end. Making a resolution at the beginning of the year can set you up for success. We are giving you 31 reasons to not quit your  new year’s resolution in 2023, Condition 1 Combat style! 

1. Full-Body Workout 
Martial arts isn’t just an upper-body or lower-body workout. We hit everything! You’ll be  sore the morning after your first class, but you’ll be proud of yourself for doing it! At  Condition 1, our classes use all muscle groups (including your brain) to give you the  best workout possible. 

2. Try Something New 
Just like getting a new pair of shoes, it’s exciting to try something new! If you’ve been  following our page, but haven’t given us a try yet, what’s holding you back? The new  year is always a good time to try something new. Come try us on for size, and come see  us on the mats to learn how we can change your life! 

3. Increase Confidence 
How many ways can we find that practicing martial arts will increase your confidence… let’s go! 

  •  Practicing martial arts is a form of physical exercise, so your body will change,  become fit, and you’ll look amazing! 
  •  Our core martial arts disciples combine the physical and mental aspects, which will,  in turn, boost your confidence. 
  •  Learning self-defense will help you feel safer when alone and possibly in a  dangerous situation; however, you’ll have the tools to keep you safe and protect  yourself. 
  •  Physical exercise releases dopamine and serotonin into the bloodstream, which are  linked to boosting your mood and treating depression. 

4. Better Coordination
 You can’t get better without practice, right? Martial arts is a great way to work on bodily  coordination because it involves your whole body when working out. You’ll work  multiple muscle groups that allow you to improve coordination!  

5. Lower Your Risk of Heart Diseases 
Exercise gets your blood pumping! That means your circulation to all the important  parts of your body is improved. By exercising regularly, the increased blood flow raises  the oxygen levels in your body, helping to reduce your risk of heart diseases such as  high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, and heart attack. Regular exercise also helps  to lower your blood pressure! 

6. Mental Strength and Focus 
You’d be surprised how powerful your mind can be. When training in martial arts, we  focus not only on the body but also on pushing the limits of our mental strength.  Working out brings oxygen to the brain, which allows you to stay in tune with the  exercises you are doing. Martial arts requires a lot of thinking and planning, which can  come naturally over time! 

7. Specials 
January is a great time for all kinds of specials—especially physical fitness ones! We  have a unique special to offer that’s perfect for kicking butt and getting in shape! We are  searching for 40 people to join our 6-week kickboxing challenge! Let us help you  become the best version of YOU that YOU can be in 2023! You'll see results or your  money back! Challenge price: $299/person  
Here’s what’s included for 6 weeks: 

  •  Unlimited classes 
  •  Understanding nutrition labels 
  •  General group meal plans 
  •  Weekly grocery store visit 
  •  Progress tracking throughout the challenge 
  •  Access to private social media group page for Q&A as well as posting results 

You better believe we’re going to hold you accountable for meeting your goal! It’s only  because we care (promise)! Here are our accountability tracking: 

  •  Must attend 3 classes a week 
  •  Must be present for weekly weigh-ins 
  •  Required to post weekly food and exercise log on group page 

8. Discipline 
Discipline, both mental and physical, is a result of training in multiple areas of martial  arts. We train using real-life scenarios so you can see how important it is to teach your  body and mind to react the correct way. Discipline will allow you to gain muscle  memory that will kick in if you’re ever in a dangerous situation!  

9. Pride
Have you ever thought about how much your body does to support you? Have you ever  finished a workout and felt absolutely exhausted, but you’re still able to complete all  bodily functions the same way you did before your workout? I don’t think we emphasize  how impressive our bodies are. Be proud of it!! Come take a class at Condition 1 and  see how powerful your body is. You can do so much more than you think! 

10. Physical Fitness 
Weight management, muscle building, muscle toning, and weight loss are all common  reasons to start an exercise regimen. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Physical  fitness is a powerful tool to change not only your body but also your life. Stick with it!  Start achieving your fitness goals today! 

11. Schedule 
Kicking off the new year with a new schedule will keep you on task to success. January  is a great time for self-reflection, and one of the things people use the downtime in  January to do is create a schedule. Do yourself a favor and schedule some time for  YOU! You deserve it! Check out our class schedule here,

12. Defend Yourself 
It’s a crazy world we live in. You never know what’s around the corner! Having the skills  and knowledge to physically defend yourself against threats can potentially save your  life. At Condition 1, we train with real-life scenarios, so you can practice how to defend  yourself if need be! We don’t want you to get caught in a dangerous situation with no  way how to get out of it! 

13. Personal Growth 
Setting goals and achieving them is a hard task that is so rewarding in the end. With  Condition 1, we don’t just train you and then kick you out the door. We want to hear  your goals so we can help you achieve them! It’s not just exercise, it’s personal growth!  Let’s get started today. 

14. Perseverance 
The hardest time to push yourself is when you think you’re at the end of your rope. We  promise you, you’re not. Pushing yourself to the end, whether it’s another hit, another  10 seconds in a plank or finishing the class, you’re persevering. And, that’s incredible!  At Condition 1, we’ll push you to persevere because the only thing stopping you is  yourself! Don’t let today, National Quitters Day, get to you! Keep going and persevere!! You can  do it! We know you can! 

15. Security 
Here at Condition 1, we emphasize self-defense in all our classes. Through doing this,  we help you feel more secure in your environment, wherever you may be. We want to  give you the tools to keep yourself safe and secure in life. Of course, you’ll also learn so  much more about yourself and your limits. So what’s the downside here? We’ll give you  a hint: there is none! 

16. Conquer a Goal
Setting goals keeps you motivated and encouraged to keep going. Most people have  some sort of goal in mind when it comes to physical health and fitness, and we’d love  to help you get there. 

17. Calming of the Mind 
We all have hectic and busy times in our lives that cause a need for some sort of  meditation. But we’re not talking about sitting on the floor and counting breaths. We  calm our minds through exercise! We have all kinds of classes that can work for you.  Let our gym become a place that you can count on to bring you peace! 

18. R-E-S-P-E-C-T 
Aretha Franklin didn’t miss with this one! In all martial arts training, you’ll learn respect  for others, for the martial arts environment, and, most importantly, for yourself! It’s time  to start throwing some respect back at yourself too! Your body is an amazing vessel  that can learn, train and improve if you try. Let’s start today! 

19. Camaraderie 
Group classes are a great way to make friends and meet new people! We’re a family at  Condition 1, and we want you to be a part of it! Our staff would love to welcome you to  the mats!  

20. Cardio 
Everyone talks about getting in their cardio each day. What if you could get in your  cardio without stepping foot on a treadmill? When practicing martial arts, you’ll master  the art of multi-tasking because you’re constantly doing cardio. It doesn’t matter if it’s  Muay Tai, Jiu-Jitsu or Krav Maga, your heart will be pumping, and you’ll get in your  cardio for the day! 

21. Stress  
Life is full of stress! Don’t let working out be one more thing that causes stress! Martial  arts is actually known to reduce stress. 

22. Improved Cognitive Health 
When you exercise and your heart rate increases, you start breathing heavily, which  triggers your brain to send more oxygen into your bloodstream. When physical activity  is done on a regular basis, the risk of developing cognitive health issues, such as  dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis (MS),  Parkinson’s disease and strokes.  

23. Perception 
Come visit us once, and let us change your perception of what martial arts is all about!  We are not your typical Karate, Krav Maga or any other mixed martial arts school that’s  out there. We don’t focus on belt colors, put on a show or even sponsor fighters. Meet  us on the mats, and let us show you how we’re different. Your first class is free. Sign up here, 

24. Inclusion 
We have something for everyone at any stage of practice. If you are just getting started  in martial arts yet have never thrown a punch, or if you’re a Black Belt, we have the  class and instructor for you who can take you to the next level. Also, we accept children  as young as 5 years old, so the whole family can attend our school. 

25. Balance 
Standing on one leg, throwing kicks and learning how to fall properly to avoid injury will  all increase your balance. Learning to stabilize yourself on one foot will build your  athleticism. With balance, you will be able to perform advanced kicks properly, counter  strikes smoothly and increase your kicking power. 

26. Community 
Are you new to The Woodlands area? Or maybe you work from home and you’re  looking for a reason to get out of the house more? Joining a gym like Condition 1 can  help you get connected to the community! We have people from all walks of life walk  through our doors. Who knows who you’ll meet? 

27. Weapons Training 
We have classes specially tailored to train you how to safely use your gun or a knife  when out in public. The world is scary, and you need to know how to protect yourself if  something happens! Additionally, Condition 1 offers training especially for law  enforcement and paramedics to help when they’re in the line of duty. If you know  someone on the front lines, let them know! 

28. Improved Habits 
We all know the benefits of exercise, but we still find ourselves not doing it as much as  we should. Being consistent is the only way to create a better habit. Turn exercise from  a chore into an enjoyable routine by joining a gym that wants the best for you. Getting out of the house and into an environment that pushes you will help you make that  change and form a good habit that benefits you in every way. 

29. Diversity 
Our martial arts style is so different, it’s hard to do the same class twice! The owners,  Joe and Tia designed the Condition 1 training program with diversity in mind so you are  never bored, and you get well-rounded knowledge and practice in multiple styles of  martial arts. 

30. Mental Health 
It’s proven that exercise works the brain as well as the body, making it a great tool to  help combat conditions like anxiety and depression. Moving your body increases blood  circulation to the brain, engaging multiple regions of the brain to create a positive  feeling. This can improve your mood and motivation, leading to a happier and healthier  you. Exercise goes beyond the body! 

31. Be a Badass 
So, you’ve spent a month going to a gym, learning new skills, pushing your body,  probably hitting stuff really hard and you look good doing it. Isn’t that the definition of a  badass?!? It is in our dictionary! So keep showing up, keep hitting stuff really hard, keep  pushing yourself to new limits. Keep being a badass! 

We hope these 31 reasons help you not quit your resolution for this new year. 2023 is going to  be a great year! We can feel it coming!! And, remember, KEEP GOING! Don’t quit after January.  Keep up with your martial arts training all year! We know you won't regret it! No one regrets  doing a positive, healthy thing in their life! We look forward to seeing you on our mats at  Condition 1 Combat Center every day in 2023! 
















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