This is a Global Crisis


Medscape reported in January 2023 that a meta-analysis of sperm count in men on six continents shows an alarming decline that continues to accelerate, according to an international team of researchers at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In South and Central America, North America, Europe, and Australia, sperm count declines have accelerated in the last 5 years. The crisis has been related to our modern environment and lifestyle with broad implications for current populations.  The decline in sperm counts is consistent with other adverse trends in other men’s health, such as testicular cancer, hormonal disruption, and genital birth defects, as well as decreased lifespan. A simultaneous set of adverse outcomes is being seen in female reproductive systems.

While Medscape expresses the concern that “without mitigation, the decline in sperm count and male reproductive health could threaten mankind’s survival”, it is interesting to note how aversive the government, insurance, pharmaceutical, food, and health industries are to supporting less pollution, less manufacturing, cleaner food, and encouraging healthier diets and lifestyles. What a difference this could make if they were less interested in profits and control, and more interested in mankind.

Own your health. Take control. Be Well.


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