How to Save on Energy Bills

By: State Farm Insurance - Renee Langdon | Published 06/05/2023


You have to pay your utility bills no matter what they are (and what the temperature is outside) but a few easy steps can help you trim your energy consumption. Consider these ways to reduce energy consumption at home that may help you save more and use less.

Tips to help trim your energy bills

Unplug unused electronics and small appliances

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Use natural light

An easy way to conserve energy at home is to use natural light. Open the curtains and let the sun in to help light those areas used most in your home. You can buy lightweight curtains or blinds to give you some privacy while letting in the natural light.

Seasonal energy tips

Use a timer for Christmas or decorative lights. LED lights last longer and save money according to Make sure to turn off all holiday lights at night and when you’re not home.

Look at these tips to save money on winter energy expenses and help winterize your home wherever you live.

Ideas for long-term energy bill solutions

Get an energy audit or assessment

Your utility company typically offers these free, and they'll visit you in your home to help identify key areas to upgrade to save energy at home. They may suggest boosts in under- or uninsulated areas, as well as offer suggestions on a new HVAC system, too.

Swap out your light bulbs

Simply replacing standard light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs can help save you money on your energy bill, and they last much longer!

Plant some shade

Position new trees on the north and the west to block the coldest winds and summer's most punishing rays. In addition, plant new trees to shade HVAC units to reduce air conditioning costs.

Replace inefficient house systems

New dishwashers consume about half the water as those from the 1990s, and efficient laundry appliances may trim your energy bill by about 25%. A programmable thermostat can also save on utility bills by setting the temperature to different levels at certain times of the day, such as when you're away from home.

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