Social Media Marketing: 3 Tips for Writing Twitter Captions

By: ITVibes, Inc | Published 06/21/2016


Social media marketing has become one of the most effective – and least expensive – ways to build a brand. Twitter alone has over 255 million active users. These users create over 500 million tweets every day. An astounding 92% of all interaction is the result of users clicking on links.

Most Twitter users say that the main reason they tweet and re-tweet is to respond to discounts and promotional offers. That is a lot of business from an ad campaign executed just 140 characters at a time – including spaces.

Write Short & Use Abbreviations 

How can a business create a vibrant Twitter following under such limitations? With these 3 tips for writing twitter captions.


Internet slang has reached an all-new high due to the need to conserve space. But, by using these tactics, you can create twitter captions that catch the eye of your followers and get a ton of information across.

This means that you need to become familiar with internet slang. The first step is the use of other characters in substitution for words. Consider these suggestions:


  •         2- two, too, to
  •         8- eight, ate
  •         #- number
  •         %- percent
  •         Ur- your, you’re, you are
  •         T- tea
  •         B4- before
  •         L8-  late
  •         + – and

Bad Spelling

To shorten spelling yet produce text that people can read, leave out some of the vowels. For example: “If u cn rd ths, thnk a tweetr” reads as “If you can read this, thank a tweeter.” It just uses far fewer characters, allowing you to get more of your message out. The brain fills in the proper vowels when you read content like this.

Bad punctuation is in the same category as bad spelling. It’s only common sense to use contractions when you tweet. Contractions are usually fewer characters than words spelled out. This is because you are leaving out a letter (the apostrophe takes its place) and you are losing the space between words. To take it one step further, leave out the apostrophe.

Leave Out Unnecessary Words 

Leave out coordinating conjunctions–for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so–and any other articles that are necessary to get your message across. Stay to the point and make your captions clear and easy to understand.

ITVibes Can Help! 

Creating captions for Twitter can be challenging but profitable. If you need help managing your social media marketing, contact iTVibes today. Our experienced SEO managers can help promote your business through social media

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