Allergies & Your Eyes


April showers bring May flowers. Unfortunately, there is nothing in that saying that warns us about seasonal allergies. Allergies affect millions of people and their eyes. Symptoms include red, puffy, watery and itchy eyes, an itchy nose and mouth, plus lots of congestion. While many suffer year-round from allergies due to pet dander and dust, seasonal allergies flare up twice a year: in the spring and fall. 


During the spring and fall allergies flare up mostly due to pollination and mold. That thick yellow dust that piles up on your car and outdoor furniture is tree pollen and there is a lot of it out there this time of year, even pollen we cannot see.  Most pollen is airborne and is the culprit for many of our seasonal allergies; avoiding it can be really difficult. 


If you are experiencing significant eye irritation due to allergies, there are ways of fighting back. If you are experiencing an allergy attack, drink plenty of water and ask Drs. Kaufman, Wright, Brown or Grahamabout eye drops to relieve the discomfort. Swapping out ourcontacts for eye glasses may also help with comfort. Also, keep in mind that some allergy medications can dry out your eyes.


Prevention tips:Stay indoors on windy days. Most allergens are in the air on these days. You can also wear a pollen mask when outside or doing yard work. Avoid open windows and fans that can blow pollen and spores into your home. Protective eyewear, even your glasses can shield your eyes from pollen. Refrain from rubbing your eyes, doing this will irritate them more. 


If you are experiencing significant eye irritation and discomfort, for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact us at Woodlands Eye Associates. Your eye health and comfort is our top priority. You can reach us at either of our convenient locations in The Woodlands. Panther Creek Shopping Center or Medical Plaza Drive or click on https://woodlandseye.comfor more information!





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