Protecting Your Eyes This Summer


Like many people with children, you and your kids may be involved in a number of activities and sports that involve safety gear. Either helmets when skiing, playing football or riding bikes, mouth guards, pads, etc. Even proper footwear is required for these activities.


It also is important to have a specialized pair of glasses to protect and enhance performance in the activities you enjoy. Did you know that improved vision during those activities can enhance your performance? 


At Woodlands Eye Associates, we can customize your lenses for specific activities. Whether it is working on your computer, playing sports, or working in construction, Doctors Kaufman, Wright, Brown and Slade can find the best care for your eyes. 


At Woodlands Eye Associates, your eye doctor can help customize the most perfect glasses for the times in which you need the highest possible visual awareness. Please ask us about your individualized eyewear needs during your annual comprehensive eye exam!


1.    Computer glasses. You may have a pair of glasses for driving or reading, but what about the long periods of time we all spend sitting at your desk staring at a computer? The glasses you use for driving might not be optimal for computer work, especially if you spend the majority of your workday in front of a computer. Typically, our patients have trouble seeing smaller computer text without squinting and getting headaches. If you’re struggling to focus on your computer screen, we can customize a pair of glasses that optimizes your vision in front of the computer. When your eyes are strained over such a long period of time, it can cause headaches and decreased your performance at work. With a pair of prescription computer glasses, your eyes will easily focus on the screen in front of you. It will be easier for your eyes make it through the workday refreshed and at their best. We can also provide a variety of lens coatings that can help at the computer, such as those that block the blue light spectrum to further relieve tired eyes. 

2.    Prescription sunglasses. If you find yourself outside often, consider getting a pair of prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Whether it’s watching your child’s outdoor sports games or attending a neighborhood barbecue, protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and seeing your best is the goal every single day. Even on those cloudy days or in the winter, the sun emits harmful UV rays and your eyes still need protection. 

3.    Sports glasses. Playing a sport while seeing your best will help you and your family members perform better when using prescription glasses or goggles. Your regular daily glasses likely won’t fit well beneath a helmet, causing the glasses to press against your head or rub the top of your ears uncomfortably, distracting you. But when you get a special pair of prescription or sport goggles, you’ll be able to see and play your best without irritation or risk of breaking your daily glasses.

4.    Prescription safety glasses or goggles. If you work in an industry that is at higher risk for a work-related eye or have a hobby such as woodworking or metalcraft, we recommend that you wear protective eyewear. Seeing your best through prescription safety glasses or goggles will help you perform better while providing you with the safety of eye protection. Safety eyewear is more impact-resistant than daily eyewear, providing a much-needed layer of safety between the world and your precious eyesight. Make sure you always protect your vision with safety eyewear. 


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