Common Contact Lens Mistakes



Even as a seasoned contact lens wearer, you may think that you have your routine down with cleaning and care. However, you may be making some major mistakes. Here is some advice for wearing contacts that you will want to change to protect your eyes and eye health. 


Don’t wear lenses for longer than recommended

When your contact lenses are prescribed, our doctors at Woodlands Eye Associates will advise you on how long you should wear them. However, a lot of our patients have admitted to wearing their contacts for longer than recommended. Make sure that you are replacing your contacts frequently in order to avoid irritation or even an infection.    


Don’t sleep with your contacts in 

When you sleep with your contact lenses in, you are denying your cornea of oxygen, and when you wear them while sleeping, you are intensifying the problem. You may wake up with some discomfort and irritation, but you could also be waking up to a serious infection. 


Wash your hands before putting in your contacts   

Hand washing is essential in keeping both your eyes and your lenses in good condition. Transferring germs from your fingers to your eyes can cause infections that could possibly damage your eyesight. 


Do not rinse out your lens case with water 

It is important to rinse out your contact case with contact solution and not water. Every day you should be replace the used solution and clean your case.   


Contact Woodlands Eye Associates to make an appointment if you wear eyeglasses and would like to be fitted for contacts or if you need a contact lens exam. We have two convenient locations in The Woodlands. Our Panther Creek office is located in the Panther Creek Shopping Center at 4775 W. Panther Creek Dr., Ste.230or call 281.367.5335. OurMedical Plaza office is located at 1001 Medical Plaza Dr Ste 100or call 281.367.2020. You can also request an appointment by visiting We hope to see you soon!




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