Water Stress-Our trees need water!

Published 07/24/2018


The top 3 things our trees need are water, water, and more WATER! According to the Texas Forestry Service, over 5 million trees are lost to drought. Don’t let this happen to you. The amount of water needed will vary but the general rule is ½ inch every week.

Newly planted trees require more watering near the root ball until the roots stretch out to other soil. It is important that the root ball does not dry out.

To determine the area your tree needs watered, look at how far the “canopy” or the umbrella of the tree shoots out. Then extend several feet beyond that area in a deep soaking irrigation. If you poke a screwdriver into soil and it is dry or difficult to go down-it’s time to water!

Trees absorb the moisture more efficiently when soaked for a period of time. Soaker hoses are a great option when circled around the canopy of the tree and left for hours. Use the “screwdriver” test to insure the tree is getting enough water. It is not necessary to water the base of the tree in established trees over 2 years old.

A rule of thumb for watering trees is 10 gallons for every one-inch diameter of the tree trunk. A four-inch diameter tree will need 40 gallons of water several times a week.

Watering in the morning or after 6pm is suggested to absorb moisture efficiently. Water is evaporated too quickly when trees are watered during heat of the day. Holding the water hose can be a great way to meet the neighbors.


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Certified Arborist

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