Back to School Eye Exam


Dr. George Kaufman of Woodlands Eye Associates has built his practice on family eye care, and that care includes pediatric eye exams. These exams are critical health exams for a child because, if a vision problem is detected, it canaffect your child’s ability to learn. 

In the beginning of the school year, it is most likely your child will have aneye screening performed by the school. These screenings only determine a child’s distance vision. They are not comprehensive. If your child has an undiagnosed vision problem, it can affect their learning. 

Youngsters with vision problems that make it difficult for them to see the blackboard or up close (reading and writing) will undoubtedly have trouble with their studies. Observe your child closely, this is the best way to first detect if your child has a vision problem. Children with a vision problem may not know they have one — they think everyone sees the way they do.

Children should have a complete eye examination every two years throughout their school years. We will check the health of their eyes and will be on the alert for any underlying health problems, such as diabetes, that may first be manifested in the eyes. We also test for any changes in eyesight that may call for corrective lenses. 

Should any of these symptoms be noticed, an appointment should be made. Contact our Medical Plaza 281.367.2020 or Panther Creek 281.367.5335 offices to schedule your child’s eye appointment today. You can also visit us only at

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