Review: Cupcakes and Bubbles

Published 08/16/2018


With cupcake shops in nearly every strip center in The Woodlands, I think it’s difficult to set yourself apart from the crowd. So when I heard about yet another shop opening up, I was unimpressed. However, the name of the place, Cupcakes and Bubbles, had me intrigued enough to want to go. Luckily, my friend Rhonda and I were invited to give them a try and to film our latest episode for The Fickle Females there.

Another reason I wasn’t too terribly excited about a cupcake place is because I’m not a huge sweet eater, and I try to adhere to a low carb lifestyle--at least for my solid foods. I prefer my carbs in liquid form.  However, every once in a while I enjoy a sweet treat. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sample some cupcakes at the recently opened Cupcakes and Bubbles in Creekside Park.

Founded by Cailean McAlister, a Tomball native, has spent the past two years making her dream of opening her own business a reality. They offer 12 different kinds of cupcakes and an assortment of Champagne and other sparkling wines ranging in prices from starting around $6 a glass.

What makes these cupcakes so delightful is the icing, Italian Meringue Buttercream. It’s not overly sweet, it’s fluffy, you can taste the butter, but doesn’t have a greasy mouth feel. It was so good, I was wishing my cupcakes had a little more. If you like a dense, heavy icing, you probably won’t like this style, but it was right up my alley. My favorite cupcake was the gluten free Strawberry Rhubarb. The texture was slightly different than their traditional offerings, but wasn’t dry or grainy. The rhubarb added a nice contrast to the light and delicate strawberry flavor.

They have a signature cupcake called Champagne, naturally, which comes with a small pipette of champagne where you can inject it into the cupcake or directly into your mouth. This cake was elegant in its simplicity, and everyone at the table really enjoyed it.




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