Children and Contact Lenses


There are a lot of reasons why parents should consider contact lenses for their children. Often, the first request comes from your child who wants to do away with glasses for cosmetic and practical reasons. But, what age is appropriate and safe for a child and when should you consider whether your child is ready to wear contact lenses?


Does your child show interest in wearing contacts, or are they perfectly content with their glasses? The best motivations for a child to wear contacts should come directly from them. If your child hasn’t asked you oryour optometrist about contact lenses, don’t push it unless your optometrist prescribes contacts for a medical condition.


Just as glasses hold your child accountable, contacts are also a major responsibility. When considering contact lenses, be aware of how your child behaves. Does your child take responsibility for their school work, glasses and other responsibilities? Kids who demonstrate signs of responsibility in other areas of life are good candidates for contact lenses.


If you are not confident that your child can clean and store lenses correctly, talk to your optometrist about other options such as daily lenses and disposables. 


There are many benefits to wearing contact lenses. For example, if your child is involved in sports, spends a lot of time outdoors, or often misplaces his or her glasses, contact lenses are great. Contact lenses remove your child’s aggravation with glasses falling off, slipping from the face or being broken while playing sports.


Once you feel your child is ready for contact lenses, make an appointment with either Doctors Kaufman, Graham, Brown or Wright to discuss so that you can make an informed decision with your optometrist and child. Call today to make an appointment at either of our two locations: Panther Creek 4775 W. Panther Creek Dr., Ste. 230 281-367-5335 or Medical Plaza 1001 Medical Plaza Dr., Ste. 100 281-367-2020. Check us out online at

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