Vision and Pregnancy


Pregnancy affects many parts of the body, and that includes an expecting mother’s vision. While your body temporarily changes, your eyes can too. With fluctuating levels of hormones, metabolism, fluid retention and blood circulation, pregnant women may experience blurred vision, floaters and light sensitivity. This is often short-lived and returns to normal after giving birth.  


There are many influences throughout pregnancy and out of a mother’s control, that can affect her eyes and eyesight. For example, water retention. This can cause a slight increase in the thickness and curvature of your cornea. Even the pressure of the fluid within the eyeball can change. This may be the reason for blurred vision. Sometimes, blurred vision can also be the root of headaches and migraine pain. 


Afterbirth, nursing can also alter a woman’s eyesight. Very similar to vision changes during pregnancy, these problems should just be minor usually disappear after breastfeeding.


It is absolutely safe to go to the eye doctor while pregnant. It always is a good idea to get your eyes checked while pregnant to rule out any other vision problems. 


If you notice your vision changing while you are pregnant, contact a doctor at Woodlands Eye Associates. We have two convenient locations: Medical Plaza 281.367.2020 or Panther Creek 281.367.5335 offices to schedule an appointment today. You can also visit us online at

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