How to Make Your Car Look Like New Again

By: Aqua Auto Wash Detail & Lube Center | Published 12/13/2018


Sometimes, a clean, shiny car really looks and feels like one of the greatest things in the world. Getting a good wash and wax is an ideal opportunity to completely get rid of all of the dirt, dust, general grime and other buildup that has been acquired from cruising around town for work or play.

Sure, your vehicle is going to get dirty again soon enough but, for a short amount of time, it will be spotless, free of any blemishes, and downright lovely to behold.

This psychological appeal of clean cars is part of the reason some of us love getting our cars serviced on a regular basis. Some clean-car enthusiasts often look for other strategies, techniques and tools to make vehicles look consistently great, including solutions and products that help keep dirt from sticking too much or improving the overall look and feel. The right type of wax also can help that lovely shine stick around a little longer.


One product that is attracting attention among drivers who like their cars looking their best is Q Luminaura, which combines the benefits of a quality shine with the thoroughness and precision of a hand wax. Called “A shine you can feel,” Q Luminaura begins by removing surface contamination and any embedded materials like oxidized metals and concrete dust.

Once these items are successfully removed from your vehicle, it’s time for the second part of what Q Luminaura does well: create a deep shine accompanied by water-repellent materials. The whole area will be nice and smooth to the touch. The quality has been compared to a hand waxing with a full detail. 


Aqua Auto Wash Detail and Lube Center is happy to be one of the first car-wash and detail businesses in our area that offers Q Luminaura. Because we always focus on quality products for our customers, this is a perfect product to offer anyone who wants the very best for their car, which generally should be everyone.

Adding this product to our offerings and services also goes perfectly with our corporate philosophy and mission of always having the latest and greatest car-wash technology available to the benefit of our customers.

Why do we think Q Luminaura is a winner? Basically because it can help cars look new again, whatever their age or condition.

This can be great news for someone who has a nice new car that gets washed regularly. These frequent cleanings can make sure it always looks good, and it helps to detect any possible problems. But it can be even better news for someone with a classic car, or a car that hasn’t been washed or waxed for a long time.

Treatment with Q Luminaura’s two-step process can effectively take away any dings or discolorations, leaving the vehicle looking like new, maybe even better than new.

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