3 Signs That It's Time To Upgrade Your RV

By: Camperland | Published 01/10/2019


Some of our favorite pastimes are hitting the open road in the family RV. There’s something special about piling in the camper with your family and experiencing everything a road trip has to offer, from playing board games as a family to siblings bickering over who gets to shower first- RV travels are always memorable. If you’ve grown attached to your RV over the years, you may not have considered upgrading.


As time passes, and technology advances, an RV upgrade might just be the best choice for you. Has your family grown since you first purchased your camper? Are you spending more money on maintenance and gas than you should? These are the questions to ask yourself when planning your next trip. Is your recreational vehicle due for an upgrade? Here are 4 factors that might mean it's time to buy a new camper.CLICK TO TWEET

  1. Growing Family
  2. Repairs
  3. Fuel Efficiency


Has your family grown since you first purchased your RV? Maybe you purchased it when you were single or just married. Well as your family grows, you should have a camper that accommodates everyone.

Pro Tip: If your family feels cramped and there’s no more storage space, it might be time to purchase a new RV or trade your old one in.


Is your RV sitting in the garage, collecting dust because it just needs so many repairs? Will the repairs cost you more than the camper is worth? These are indications that you should purchase an updated version.


If you dread hitting the road, because of how expensive gas will be, then it’s time to say goodbye to your old camper. Modern RVs are lighter and more fuel efficient. If you love the RV lifestyle, you could save money in the long run by investing in a newer model.


Buying an RV is worth the investment if it means keeping your family safe and comfortable on the road. You may have great memories that keep you attached to your old camper, but a new RV will give your family the opportunity to make new and exciting memories.

Are you considering an RV upgrade? Join the conversation to chat about your purchasing options.

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