Why You Shouldn't Over Wear Contacts


Similar to glasses, contact lenses require certain maintenance in order to avoid complications and unwelcomed problems. If you are one of the millions of Americans that over wear your contact lenses, you are putting your eyes and eye health at risk. 

When you wear your contacts longer than prescribed you inhibit the amount of oxygen your eye can take in. If your eyes are starved from air, it makes them susceptible to conditions such as inflammation of the cornea, blurred vision, red eye and other infections. This can also happen when you do not properly clean your contacts or dispose of them when required. 

Some of our patients have admitted to wearing their disposable contacts longer than prescribed, or even sleep in their contacts. We understand that getting the most out of your contacts is the goal in these situations but the downside to this thrifty and sometimes lazy habit can be detrimental to your eyes. Remember, a contact lens is not an accessory, it is a medical device that has to be prescribed to you with precise instructions for the health and safety of your eyes. 

Always remember to follow your doctor’s orders, and just like any medicine prescribed by a doctor, contacts have a prescription too – your doctor will determine the best length of time for you to wear contacts. Contacts allow some oxygen to get to your eyes, but cannot let it all get in. That is why you cannot wear them all the time. 

If you experience discomfort while wearing contact lenses, immediately remove them from your eye and contact Woodlands Eye Associates. Your eye health and comfort are our top priority. You can reach us at either of our two convenient locations, Panther Creek, 4775 W. Panther Creek Dr., Ste. 230 281-367-5335 or Medical Plaza, 1001 Medical Plaza Dr., Ste. 100 281-367-2020.  Visit us on the web https://woodlandseye.com for more information!



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