Women and Eye Health


Did you know that women are more at risk for eye diseases than men? Diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts are issues that women are more susceptible to and can lead to severe complications if left untreated.  One of the major considerations in this staggering fact is that women tend to live longer than men which increased risk for such problems. 


There are other factors that can affect a woman’s vision. 


Hormone changes due to pregnancy and menopause can also cause changes in your vision. 

Many women suffer from dry eye when hormones change. Left untreated, this can lead to a decrease in vision. 


If you have diabetes or other autoimmune diseases you are more prone to eye problems. Early detection and treatment is your best defense and will help preserve your vision. As women, we take care of a lot but must remember to take care of ourselves. 


Simple things like removing eye makeup, wearing sunglasses with UV protection and giving your eyes a rest from a digital screen help protect your vision. Keeping a healthy lifestyle with a proper, well-balanced diet and exercise helpsmaintain good eye health for women (and men). Knowing your family history can also help in early detection of an ocular issue. And, more importantly, an annual comprehensive eye exam with one of our doctorsat Woodlands Eye Associates is recommended for optimal eye health. 


If you notice changes in your eyesight schedule an appointment with Woodlands Eye Associates right away! Our doctors can help you prevent, diagnose and treat any of your concerns. Contact our Medical Plaza 281.367.2020 or Panther Creek 281.367.5335 offices to schedule an appointment today. You can also visit us online https://www.woodlandseye.com







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