February is also Low Vision Awareness Month




Low vision is having difficulty seeing, even with regular prescription lenses. This can make every day activities and tasks difficult to do. Although low vision can impact anyone of any age, it is more common among people at the age of 65 or older. It can be caused by ocular diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts or glaucoma. For people with low vision, preserving their sight is essential to live independently, safely and happily.


There are some signs or difficulties that can indicate low vision, even with your prescription lenses. 

  • Recognizing familiar faces 
  • Reading cooking or performing tasks that require you to see up close
  • Reading street signs
  • Watching Television


Vision loss can be scary. If you have a vision problem that interferes with your everyday life contact Woodlands Eye Associates for a complete eye exam. It is smart to take action before your condition worsens. 


In observance of Low Vision Awareness Month, Woodlands Eye Associates encourage everyone to have annual eye exams to increase the chance of early detection of conditions that can lead to vision loss. Make an appointment at either of our two convenient locations in The Woodlands. Our Panther Creek office is located in the Panther Creek Shopping Center at 4775 W. Panther Creek Dr., Ste. 230or call 281.367.5335. Our Medical Plaza office is located at 1001 Medical Plaza Dr., Ste 100or call 281.367.2020. You can also request an appointment by visiting https://woodlandseye.com. We hope to see you soon!

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