Exercising Together

By: VillaSport Athletic Club & Spa | Published 02/14/2019


Valentine’s Day is finally here and it’s time for chocolates, champagne, a romantic dinner, and exercise. Wait, did you say exercise? Yes, you heard that correctly. Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to start exercising with your significant other. 

Not only does it improve your fitness routine, but studies show that exercising together also benefits your relationship. Trying something new and sharing a mutual hobby like exercising can strengthen your emotional bond as a couple, and offers you an entirely new way of connecting.

Dr. Wendy Whelihan, a licensed marriage and family therapist, believes that exercising as a couple is a way to physically share an experience with each other, an often refreshing and much-needed alternative to more verbal means of connecting, allowing couples to just be with each other.

In addition to the quality time together, exercising as a couple can improve the efficiency of your workouts. It is well known in social psychology that the presence of someone else can positively impact your ability to do an activity (Zajonc, 1965).

Having someone in your corner to support and hold you accountable can bring you to new heights on your fitness journey, and what better way to achieve this than with the one you love? It’s easy to skip a workout when you’re having a bad day or feeling lazy, but if you’re exercising with your significant other, you can motivate each other to push through the difficult moments and flourish. Try some friendly competition to keep things interesting; challenge each other to a race on the treadmill or see who can finish a circuit workout the fastest. Whatever the competition, it’ll keep the mood light while ensuring your eyes remain on the prize.

Whether stand-alone exercises or group exercise classes, we aim to provide you with the perfect amenities to reach your fitness goals together.

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