Tips to De-Clutter Your Home

By: Beth Ferester & Company | Published 02/15/2019


It has been a very gloomy winter for Texas these past couple of months. If you don’t already have cabin fever, you’re likely feeling it coming on. Being stuck inside is a great excuse for some organization. If you’re falling behind on your New Year’s resolutions, think of this as a freebie. Don’t wait around for “spring cleaning”…let’s get organized! One place at a time. First, pick a room or area that needs the most attention, or gives you the biggest headache, and devise a plan. Don’t try to take on the whole house at once. That gets chaotic and overwhelming very quickly, and can often just create more of a mess. This first task could be as simple as the junk drawer in the kitchen that isn’t shutting as easily, or a small space like your laundry room.... to continue reading please click on

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