Planting a Tree

Published 03/26/2019


Early Spring is an ideal time to plant a tree. Hopefully you’ve prepared the soil in advance in the last month and picked the ideal location that will allow growth.

Most trees need 10-20 feet circumference for growth.  Keep a distance of 25 feet from overhead power lines. A tree with a 40-foot spread will have 20 feet on either side extended. Beware of roof tops, property lines, public property, and right of way areas for utilities. Roots may extend 2-4 times the canopy radius and possibly interfere with foundations, underground power lines or sewer lines. Be sure to check with utilities and municipalities before you dig by simply dialing 811 on your cell phone. Allow room for a strong root system.

Now that you have the location and prepared the ground, it is time to dig the hole. As soon as you have the tree, it is best to plant it right away. Your hole needs to be 2-3 times the diameter width of the root ball. Always hold the tree by the root ball, never the branches. Make sure to position the tree in the direction you want it to be. The tree roots should be slightly above the ground. It is important that the root flare is slightly above the ground and the ground doesn’t settle and lower the tree.

Remove any burlap and twine before planting tree in hole. As you hold the tree upright, fill in dirt around root insuring the soil is free of clumps. Pack down and add water as you plant the tree. Add 2-4 inches of organic mulch to protect your tree from weeds, retain moisture, and maintain soil temperature. Be sure to not use weed and feed on the grass around your new tree as the weed killer part of those products recognize tree root as a weed and will kill the plant. Water again. The entire process will likely be 30 minutes.

If tree needs additional support, stake with 2 wires, but remove after a year to increase growth. The stakes should be tied loosely to the trunk and go under the root ball.

Water new trees every day (dependent on rainfall) for 2 weeks.

Reasons to plant a Tree

  • Overall reduces personal stress and increases well-being
  • Reduce energy bills and increase value of your home
  • Trees help with air quality

If I can help you with the process or even plant the tree for you, please feel free to give me a call.


Ed Dolphin

Certified Arborist

Bartlett Tree Experts

(713) 703-2701

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