The Procrastinator's Guide to Decluttering Your Home

By: Big Tex Storage | Published 04/01/2019


If you’re one of the many people inspired by the Marie Kondo Method, you’ve likely attempted to declutter your home. Maybe tidying up was your New Year’s Resolution, or perhaps you decided to start “spring cleaning” a little early after catching Marie’s new Netflix show. But whether your New Year’s resolution fell through or your attempts to get useless things out the door didn’t exactly “spark joy,” you’re not alone. One in four Americans has a “clutter problem.” Eighty-four percent worry their homes aren’t organized. The need for help with the insurmountable task of “decluttering” has exploded so much that the National Association of Professional Organizers has grown from 400 to more than 4,000 members since the 1990s. If you’re struggling to tidy up your life, you’re in the same predicament as countless Americans. Before we go any further, here’s a quick caveat: If your home looks like a magazine photo shoot and you’ve succeeded in tidying up using the Marie Kondo KonMari Method, this article might not be for you. But if you’re more like the average person, who has good intentions but maybe doesn’t have time to declutter the 300,000 items in their house, then The Procrastinator’s Guide to Decluttering Your Home is likely right up your alley. Here’s your five-step guide to decluttering, the procrastinator’s way. 


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