Eye Floaters and Flashes



Have you ever noticed tiny specks floating around your field of vision? While alarming, these eye floaters are common as we age, and usually not a cause for concern. These spots typically appear when pieces of the eye’s jelly like substance, known as the vitreous, becomes more liquid, clump together and cast small shadows on your retina creating what we know as “floaters”. 


Floaters are a natural part of the eye-aging process and are also more common in people who are nearsighted, diabetic or have had a cataract operation. The vitreous dissolves as we get older and the undissolved gel particles can float around and are harmless, but a nuisance. Symptoms of eye floaters include:


  • Dark specks or transparent string of floating material
  • Spots that move when you move your eyes, and you are unable to focus on them
  • These spots may occur when you are focusing on bright objects or areas



Flashes are also common as people age. They can look light a photographic flash or a streak of lightning in your line of vision. Flashes occur on and off for weeks or sometimes months and can also happen if you rub your eyes too hard or get injured in the eye. This happens when the vitreous rubs or pulls on your retina. Again, like floaters, this is no cause for concern.


 Sometimes, these flashes can cause migraines, a spasm of blood vessels in the brain. If your headache follows flashes in your sight and you experience temporary vision loss, this is an ocular migraine. Your vision should return to normal within an hour. Make sure to tell your doctor about your headache symptoms so he or she can rule out any further conditions. 


If you notice any changes in your vision, an increase of eye flashes or floaters, contact Woodlands Eye Associates right away. Your eye health and comfort are our top priority. You can reach us at either of our convenient locations in The Woodlands. Panther Creek 4775 W. Panther Creek Dr., Ste. 230 281-367-5335 or Medical Plaza 1001 Medical Plaza Dr., Ste. 100 281-367-2020. Check us out online at https://woodlandseye.com.


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