How to Strengthen Your Online Reputation

By: ITVibes, Inc | Published 04/11/2019


Before you spend money at a new restaurant or store, you likely find the establishment online and look at the reviews and general satisfaction ratings to make sure you’re making a good choice. Your clients will do the same to learn more about your business. If you want your target market to find happy customer reviews and a positive online presence, work on improving your online reputation.

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Establishing a trustworthy online presence means more than ranking high in search results. You should post or share quality content, interact professionally with customers, and above all, monitor your brands’ digital presence closely.

Google Yourself Frequently

Job applicants are taught to Google themselves regularly so they know what interviewers see. The same principle applies to you as a business owner. Stay informed on what your customers say about you. Consider responding to bad reviews to apologize and show you’re willing to get to the bottom of the issues and make things right. Mistakes happen and your customers will appreciate your transparency and willingness to listen to complaints and respond appropriately.

Don’t expect the search results to improve overnight. However, listen to angry customers without taking things personally and deliver on your promises. A few negative reviews or a poorly maintained online presence will take time to reverse. Continue to Google your business as you work on improving your reputation, and monitor online reviews and google alerts. Consider working with a team that specializes in online reputation management to understand which results change when.

Take Control Of Reviews

Unhappy customers are more likely to negatively review your business than happy customers are to positively review you. One strategy to tackle this problem is to watch for negative reviews and quickly respond to apologize for the unfortunate experience. If possible, offer a way to solve the problem. Meanwhile, respond to positive reviews by thanking the customer for their kind words.

You can also actively request reviews. Ask customers for constructive feedback on your products or services, or offer an incentive for leaving a review. Show your clients that you value their input.

Create A Posting Strategy

Find or create engaging, relevant content that will simultaneously draw in your audience and promote your brand. Post your content on different social media channels linking back to your website, and make sure to post at optimal times to attract an audience. Don’t be afraid to check out your competitors’ social media too! While you won’t want to promote their content, you may get some ideas from them.

Pro Tip: When sharing your brand’s content, develop a consistent posting schedule and stick to it. This way your customers will know when to check your blog or social media channels for new content.

Find Influencers That Your Target Audience Trusts

Working with influencers who have already established themselves online can boost traffic to your website. A potential customer who trusts your influencer will be more likely to trust you if they see you working together. Whether your influencer is an individual blogger or another business owner, find ways to attract their help and improve your online presence in the process.

Be Prepared To Adapt

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the traditional ways of doing business. Your brand image is dependant on your digital credibility. The internet allows people to form an opinion of your business’s breakneck speed.  You’ll have to continuously improve your campaign to keep up. A social media channel you’ve been using for years may no longer be relevant next month. Alternatively, maybe your keyword strategy needs a significant update. Either way, always be willing to revise or update your strategy for a strong online reputation and keep up with the internet.

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