Charitable Giving

By: HFG Wealth Management, LLC | Published 04/13/2019


Charitable giving creates a lasting legacy that honors your life, values, and beliefs. Being in the position to give back to the community through charitable endeavors is highly rewarding, but also requires appropriate planning.

If you seek to make charitable giving part of your financial plan, the HFG team can assist you in determining a path that meets your lifestyle goals and allots a portion of your wealth for charitable purposes. In addition to determining how much you can give, we work with you to understand the most effective ways to give to maximize your charitable goals. We also assess various giving strategies and collaborate with your estate planning or tax advisors to ensure expert design and execution of your plan. Charitable giving strategies we help you consider include:
Charitable Remainder Trusts
Donor-Advised Funds
Private Foundations
Cash and In-kind Gifting
The professionals at HFG define your vision and develop a strategy that aligns your charitable giving goals with your resources. Best of all, the good deeds will last long after the financial benefits are realized.


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