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Life is hectic, we tend to put important things aside, especially when it comes to our health. It can be easy to forget to schedule annual eye exams, but that appointment is vital to our eye health and overall health. Just think about how essential your vision is to your daily life. Taking care of it ensures a lifetime of health for your eyes. 

There are multiple eye diseases that progress slowly and over time. Sometimes, when you notice the symptoms, the disease can be in the advanced stages. Regular eye exams are the most important step we can take to avoid permanent vision loss from slow acting diseases. 

For children, schools do provide free vision screenings but the screenings only focus on visual acuity. They do not catch red flags like a comprehensive eye exam will. Only an optometrist can check for problems that could be making vision-related tasks difficult for a child and impede on their learning potential. 

With all the technology we have at our fingertips, many of our jobs now require us to spend long amounts of time looking at computer and other digital screens. This can lead to eye strain, blurred vision, dry eye and even headaches. Regular exams and talking with your doctor will prepare you with the right tools to fight against eye strain. 

Keep your prescriptions up-to-date. As our vision changes, old glasses and contacts can become less effective. Without updating your prescription, squinting, eye strain, headaches and other symptoms can occur. 

If you need to schedule an appointment for a full comprehensive eye exam, or are experiencing any problems affecting your vision, it is important to visit Drs. Kaufman, Brown, Wright or Graham at Woodlands Eye Associates. Our team of doctors will determine the cause, if any of your symptoms and find the best possible treatment. Call and make an appointment at either of our two locations: Panther Creek 4775 W. Panther Creek Dr., Ste. 230 281.367.5335 or Medical Plaza 1001 Medical Plaza Dr., Ste 100 281.367.2020. Or, visit us online at https://woodlandseye.com.


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