An Introduction

Published 04/29/2019


Hey, y’all!

Welcome to this space. Here, in the black and white of the letters to virtual paper, I’m going to invite you to share in adventures with our family. And well, since we’re from the south and we love hospitality, it’s best to start with introductions.

I’m the Mom. I’m currently a stay-at-home mom transitioning out of the workforce. I have five kids, ages 9, 8, 6, 3 and 1. Three boys, two girls. We’re a busy, bustling, loud family and you can’t miss us when we’re out and about. I grew up in The Woodlands, as did my husband. We have been here long enough to watch roads widen and tree lines thin out. We’ve seen businesses expand and businesses close their doors. We’re graduates of The Woodlands High School, before there was College Park.

Living in The Woodlands for that long (minus four years we attended college out of state), has given us a deep-rooted admiration for this place we call home. As our family has grown, we’ve learned more about how to have fun on a budget, where the best places are to eat with such a large group, the best parks, and the shopping centers we try to avoid at all costs because the parking lots give us nightmares. We’ve had the unique opportunity to experience The Woodlands as kids and now we’re passing along and creating new experiences with our brood. And it just seems right to share our knowledge with our fellow families in the community.

So welcome! Each week in this place I’ll bring you, hopefully, something new and fresh. I’ll try not to get on a parenting soapbox because, let’s be honest, the Internet is already chock-full of people telling you how to raise your kids. I’m just here to share my own experiences and provide some insight into how to make The Woodlands the best possible place to raise a family.

That’s a little about us. We’re a simple family with big hearts and a love for big adventure. I’m happy to introduce myself and maybe one day you, dear reader, will get a chance to introduce yourself to me.

Y’all ready? Here we go!

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