Sleep and Eye Health


When you don’t get enough sleep, you usually feel it the next day. That grogginess, lack of concentration and slow reaction time has negative effects on our bodies and that includes our eyes. Healthy eyes need approximately five hours of sleep per night to function properly during the day. Extended periods of time without sleep can cause our eyes to twitch, become bloodshot, strained, and cause puffiness or dark circles underneath the eyes. This can interfere with daily tasks such as reading and driving safely. 

Blue light before bedtime

Blue light is high-intensity light rays that used to only come from the sun, but today, they come from the screens of our digital devices and fluorescent lighting. When you are exposed to blue light before bedtime, it can confuse the brain and make it more difficult to go to sleep. It is better for your eyes if you turn off digital devices and fluorescent lights at least an hour before bed. 

Remove Contacts 

It is more difficult for our eyes to replenish themselves if you wear your contacts while you sleep. Sleeping with your contacts in deprives the eye of oxygen. This can also result in dry eye. Although contacts lenses have come a long way and allow more oxygen into your eye, it is still recommended to remove contact lenses every night. This can also reduce your risk of eye infections from bacteria that develop on contact lenses. 

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