Our Top 5 Family Outdoor Adventures in The Woodlands

Published 05/16/2019

Hiking in Jones State Forest

The temperatures are heating up, and when rain will stay away, it’s a perfect time to have outdoor adventures with your family before it gets too hot.

As a mom of five, planning activities means planning for a large group. We don't only look for things to accommodate all of us but we also try to find things to do that are fun for our kids, which span between the ages of one and nine. And, let’s get really honest here, with such a big group, we’re a family on a budget.

I’ve compiled a list of our top five favorite things to do as a family in The Woodlands - on a budget! - that are outside. Hopefully some of the things on this list are new to you!

  1. Jones State Forest - We live close to Jones State Forest, and have for years, but only recently did we discover the beauty of the hiking trails and catch-and-release ponds. Sure, we had gathered there for family pictures in the fall a few times, but we had never actually taken advantage of the expanse of trails and ponds. Our yellow lab is always a great companion to bring along when we hike the trails. The catch-and-release ponds make for a great after-school activity as we creep toward the days of summer. Pro tip: If you’re hiking, even though each trail is relatively short, make sure to pack a light backpack with water and snacks. Kids get hungry...a lot.

  2. Nature’s Way Resources - This was one of those outdoor adventures that we just happened upon. One weekend we were out in search for quality mulch. We landed at Nature’s Way Resources and got so much more than mulch. We walked through their organic plant area and used it as an opportunity to teach our kids what organic means. We perused a variety of plants and trees, learning about the different needs and functions of each one. And then, a huge front loader dropped a pile of soil right in the bed of a pickup truck and my kids went bonkers. Truck after truck was lined up to receive its load, and we watched in excitement as the front loaders scooped and dropped soil, mulch and rocks.

  3. Farmer’s Markets - My boys keep telling me we should move to a farm so we can grow and raise our own food. Considering every sunflower they have brought home from school has died days later and they may like eating eggs but I doubt their willing to keep up with the chickens producing them, we’ll stick to the suburban life. However, the Grogan’s Mill Farmer’s Market and the Tomball Farmer’s Market both provide an opportunity for us to buy food and goods from local farmers. Both Farmer’s Markets also start in the morning, so as the summer temperatures rise, this is an outdoor activity that won’t leave you in a puddle of sweat. I have my kids ask the farmers and vendors questions as we browse the displays and purchase what we need, which teaches them valuable lessons about the hard work of our local farmers and all it is they do.

  4. Lakeside Park - This is our favorite park in The Woodlands! Tucked away next to Buckalew Elementary, Lakeside Park truly has it all. There’s a pool for when the season is open, a skate park, a playground, pavilions to eat snacks or meals in the shade, large fields and a lake perfect for fishing and kayaking. We’ve done it all at Lakeside Park!

  5. When all else fails and every idea you have seems to fall a little short, take my advice: fill up water guns. My kids have come home from school many days to find their water guns filled and waiting for them. They know what this means: drop your backpack, pick up your water gun and run! And all the fun isn’t just for them: Mom has one, too!

There are so many great outdoor activities in The Woodlands that I didn’t put on this list, such as Northshore Park or enjoying a concert taking place at The Pavilion from Town Green Park. There are also things we haven’t been able to do yet that we are hoping to do soon, such as hiking the George Mitchell Nature Preserve. Texas TreeVentures also opened over Easter Weekend. It’s a ropes course right next to the George Mitchell Nature Preserve, but it does cost money to participate.

I hope these ideas add at least one or two new adventures for your family!


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